About Us


The greatest challenge of current era is the digital development. As the entire human population are into the digital mindset, WE WORK, is a noble and future oriented service to ensure the ever growing support from a very successful business group, UNILINK General Trading and Contracting Company which is established in Kuwait on the verge of the new millennium.


The company has its headquarters in Kuwait and has completed a wide range of projects including government and private building, private villas, leisure and recreation projects, Industrial installations and military facilities.


Our reputation for quality, reliability and safe working practice are resulted from team work, strong planning and communication from a highly skilled multidisciplinary professionals, which in turn enabled the company to become one of Kuwait’s leading contractors.


In order to provide a wide range of services, We are advancing steadily, adding new skills, resources, and technology, with highly skilled staff with highly experienced across a broad range of discipline.


The Company has been actively in the business and contributing in unique ways in the socio-economical growth of Kuwait to achieve its vision of 2035.


A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all time and WE WORK, is always prioritize the ultimate satisfaction of the customer